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Indications: Loose, sagging skin at the back of the arms due to weight loss, hereditary, or aging. Clothing doesn't fit well, embarrassed to wear sleeveless tops. Hinderance to exercising.The purpose of this surgery is to remove excess skin and fat at the back of the arm region. This procedure leaves a fine scar spanning from the inside of the elbow to the inner arm pit region. The scar should not be visible either from the front or back view when the arms are in the natural hanging position. This procedure may or may not involve liposuction. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Day surgery.

Procedure: Removal of excess skin and fat resulting in a more well defined, tightened and contoured arm.

Anesthesia: General

Note: Same Day Surgery

Side Effects: Temporary swelling, tight feeling, long but well hidden scar

Duration of Results: Many years. Some loosening of the skin will occur with aging and more so if there is a large amount of weight loss prior to the surgery.

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